What to do in holiday at the sea ?

Are you leaving for the sea this summer and would you like to test an innovative activity and fill up with sensations? That's good, the new disciplines are multiplying and still offer more exciting emotions. Alone, with family or friends, let yourself be tempted and treat yourself to a unique moment of relaxation during your holidays by the sea!

Flyboard and Hoverboard

Both aquatic and acrobatic discipline, the flyboard gives the feeling of being able to walk on water and fly away. A sort of board equipped with boots and connected to a jet ski, it is propelled by pressurized water and powered by a long hose connected to the vehicle. Adjusting the pressure allows the user to climb several meters above the water, perform acrobatics, dive into the water and come out at high speed. According to the same principle, the hoverboard, inspired by the film back to the Future, allows skateboarding over the water and climbing into the air to make figures. More and more water sport resorts and jet ski hire companies are offering introductory sessions.

The Flyfish

On the same principle as the towed buoy, the flyfish is an inflatable device towed by a boat and can accommodate 2 to 6 people. As the speed increases, the movements of the water are increased tenfold and the buoy lifts up, stands upright and takes off even several meters high. Handles allow passengers, lying or sitting, to stand.

The towed buoy

Less spectacular but just as fun, the boat-drawn buoy is a perfect entertainment for families or groups of friends. Sitting or lying, you cling to the handles to experience beautiful sensations on the water at over 40km / h on natural waves or formed by the outboard that tows you. A funny activity, sporty and rich in emotion that will delight both adults and children. If it's a discovery activity you need. A jet ski ride will allow you to cruise the coast and admire the scenery, while savoring the thrill of speed. Choose scuba diving or snorkeling, and it's the underwater flora and fauna that will unveil their treasures.

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