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Our used hot tubs for sale are fully restored tubs

When you buy a spa, you don't have to spend a fortune, you can find a good collaborator who offers you the perfect solution with a minimal investment.

We choose an inflatable spa

An inflatable spa is easier to handle. Just choose the one that comes with a good material of manufacture. It will be easier to move the inflatable spa in or out of the house. For the other models, you can have a very nice second hand spa.

The second-hand spa

There are some spa shops that have a department for used spas. The idea is to encourage people to exchange their old spa for a more modern model. And it works, since used spas have been overhauled by technicians before being put on the sales shelves. So, there's no worry about component failures. Nevertheless, even a used hot tubs for sale comes with its own criteria for its purchase.

Essential points to define your used hot tub

- Determine the number of seats in the hot tub;

- Test the hot tub and check the chairs;

- Check nozzle locations;

- Check the quality of the raw material used to manufacture the spa;

- Check in detail the proposed programs;

- Take a look at the various pipes and see if there are any leaks;

- Check the drainage system;

- And finally, the price of the used spa.

Other ways to buy a spa

In some stores you also have the possibility to make a deposit sale. You deposit your old machine at the depot, and you wait for the expertise of the technicians for its evaluation. The store offers you a price, that if the product is sold, you can get the money back, or add a few hundred euros to get a new one with more options.

For the price, there is still a basic figure of between 3,000 and 5,000 euros for an average, well-installed spa.

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