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The best water therapies out there

Private spas are perfect for those that want to enjoy the advantages of a jacuzzi bathtubs. We are all aware that a spa is both a soothing tool, but an honest medical remedy especially for adults climbing the age of forty.

Watsu Therapy

This therapy may be a unique massage experience happening in mineral-rich water. It combines dancing; stretching and elements of shiatsu massage therapy to assist joint mobility. As you float, a therapist continuously supports, stretches, cradles and rocks you. The union of those motions in warm water creates deep relaxation and your muscles are liberal to release more tension. This treatment is right for targeting joint mobility, point muscle release, injuries and anxiety induced tension. The treatment is claimed to market healthy blood circulation to the brain, leaving you feeling revitalized and freed from stress.


Hydrotherapy is that the practice of specific exercises in drinking water. The drinking water offers health-giving properties; among the various benefits of hydrotherapy are improved digestion, reduced inflammation and strengthened immunity. The warmth offers pain relief and makes use of the body’s natural reaction to hot and cold stimuli; cold water aims to invigorate, increasing internal activity, whereas warm water aims to calm and soothe. It focuses on slower controlled movements and relaxation, with the exercise adjusted to assist your range of movement and build strength.


Thalassotherapy uses warm natural sea water to bring curative benefits like detoxification, alleviating insomnia and cleansing the pores of your skin. ‘Thalassa’ derived from the Greek meaning for sea, is that the medical use of pure seawater, sea products and shore climate, to market all-natural healing. The salty sea water and its derivatives help to induce utter relaxation, calm aches and pains, and de-stress.

Vichy Shower

A Vichy shower is an alternate way of showering whilst lying upon a wet table. The shower treatment usually ends a part of another spa treatment, like a salt scrub, body mask or wrap. Its focus is to rinse your body of various spa products gently, inducing a soothing and relaxing effect.

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