Spa for pregnant women

Once again, many women wonder if it is bad for their babies to go to spas. It is not recommended to go to spas and environments that modify body temperature. In fact, some studies mention the risk of neural tube defects. During the first trimester of pregnancy, it is best to avoid doing any type of spa treatment. Buying home spas when you are pregnant is therefore a bad idea!

The major drawbacks of the spa for pregnant women

Increasing temperature variations should be avoided, especially in the first months of pregnancy and when they are done over a prolonged period (a bath therefore does not represent any danger). Your body temperature should not rise more than 2 degrees Celsius. Consequence: a risk of voltage drop. However, the blood pressure of the pregnant woman is already low and its fall can cause discomfort and poor irrigation of the placenta. So, when it comes to spas and saunas, they are to be avoided
The bubbles massage pleasantly ... but sometimes too hard! The water spray could be very strong and cause the capillaries in the legs to rupture or, if it is near the belly, stimulate the uterus to contract.

Bacteria: Public hot tubs can have worrying populations of bacteria (just like swimming pools). Spas are not recommended in this regard at several stages of pregnancy. Especially in the first trimester, where a vaginal infection can cause miscarriage (or embryonic malformations), or after the water bag has ruptured or even cracked.

Should the other spa services be avoided?

Bathing in thermal waters is permitted, but great care must be taken. The water temperature is very high. You will be able to enjoy it, but provided it is well maintained

Massages, find out about the products used. Chemicals and essential oils should be avoided, which can cross the placental barrier and hinder the healthy development of the fetus. Massage with sweet almond oil is ideal

However, no sauna or hammam during pregnancy, as the excessive heat and high humidity could cause low blood pressure.

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