Don't forget to try the special foods from abroad !

Eating insects in many countries is neither crazy nor unusual. As well as we can eat shrimp or snails, there they eat insects. We often hear that to be healthy, you have to eat a variety. This concept of variety jiminis understood, by offering you foods that are out of the ordinary, For a while, the site of edible insects accompanies you in discovering the taste of these edible insects of the world. With nearly 2000 species of edible insects worldwide, our palates have not finished discovering the flavors! Today we have three insects from the world to discover and eat, all available in our edible insects shop.

Test and eat locusts and crickets!

Insects are known to be great sources of protein: the top remains locusts and crickets known for their protein intake of 77.13%. Large consumers of locusts and crickets for centuries, Thailand and Mexico are safe references for consumers looking for authentic locusts and crickets. Moreover in Mexico, they are consumed in guacamole and tortillas. Our Thai crickets 100% authentic, Thai origin from our farm on site. For all your questions do not hesitate to consult the site.

Eat ants and worms of palm trees: delicious!

In Barichara and the province of Santander, "big-bang ants" are traditionally eaten grilled with salt as snacks. These ants are a delight and can be consumed in the form of caviar. We are partners of an eco-responsible farm on site in Santander and can offer you this extremely rare product! Palm worms are widely consumed in America, Asia and tropical Africa some populations, such as Guayaki in eastern Paraguay, consume larvae as natural energy bars. We advise you if you want to eat palm worms. These palm worms that are sweet to the palate are available on the site, so do not hesitate to contact us.

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